5 delicious specialities to try in Zurich

Although Zurich is not particularly known for its gastronomy, there are some culinary specialties that you should definitely try during a stay in the city. Here I offer you a selection of 5 delicious specialties to try in Zurich. They are main courses and desserts that are not particularly light, but good and typical Zurich!

There is no doubt that you have already tried chocolate and cheese enough; although I can also try the former again and again.

So let's move on to the other pleasures:


Rösti are potatoes that are grated and then fried in the pan. They are served with meat or as a main course with bacon and cheese. It is a culinary specialty of German-speaking Switzerland that should not be missed when passing through Zurich! For good and inexpensive roasts, visit the Rheinfelder Bierhalle. Here, as a special ZurichInsider.com tip, you can also enjoy a huge, excellent Cordon Bleu on other occasions.

Züri-Gschnätzlets (veal cut into thin strips in Zurich style)

Zurich-style veal (Züri-Gschnätzlets, Zürcher Geschnetzltes) is a local specialty in which the veal is cut into thin strips and served with a cream and mushroom sauce. For a real Zurich experience, try the aforementioned Rösti. It's more of an autumn or winter dish because it's not easy, but it's very good! You can eat it in the Zeughauskeller, a Zurich institution.

A bratwurst

Eating a grilled bratwurst is a must during a stay in Zurich. The people of Zurich simply eat them with a piece of bread and some mustard. From my point of view, the undeniably best bratwurst is available at the Sternen Grill am Seeufer at the Bellevue. Ideal to buy and eat a takeaway bratwurst while admiring Lake Zurich! Attention here the ZurichInsider.com note: The mustard is very sharp, do not take too much at once on the sausage. – And don't forget the Bürli (round, small bread). Bürli and mustard are included in the price. I still have a small anecdote: it is said that the – just best – Zurich roast sausages do not come from Zurich, but from the neighbouring canton of St. Gallen. The Sternen Grill would source them from a butcher's shop in the canton of St. Gallen. In addition, in St. Gallen the roast sausages can only be enjoyed "correctly" without mustard. With these different views, the Zurich and St. Gallen have always been a topic for a small friendly discussion among neighbouring Swiss …

The Luxembourgerli

Luxemburgerli are the small, very light macaroons of Confiserie Sprüngli, a large Swiss chocolate manufacturer. You can easily be seduced by the many flavors on offer: classics such as vanilla or raspberry, but also the most original ones such as pineapple and even champagne! Champagne is my favourite: Try it! By the way, there are changing variations every month. To take away or enjoy at Zurich's Café Sprüngli.

If you want to buy some to take away: You will see a stack of blue and white boxes of different sizes at the sales counters of Confiserie Sprüngli stores. You are allowed to determine the size and then the employee fills up the box with the Luxemburgerlis of your choice. (You may mix wildly as you like.)


Vermicelles is a typical Swiss dessert that is easy to discover in Zurich. They are small tarts, mainly made of "brown spaghetti", namely Marroni puree pressed into this mould. chestnut cream. Due to the Marroni or Marroni used, Chestnuts is given a certain seasonality of this dessert. You are most likely to find it in autumn and winter. The Vermicellesspaghetti are complemented by whipped cream. Visit a bakery of your choice and let yourself be pampered!

I hope the ZurichInsider has been able to introduce you to 5 delicious specialities to try in Zurich. Enjoy them!

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