Where to stay in Zurich?

Are you planning to come to Zurich very soon? Here is our guide to the best accommodation in the most populous city in Switzerland.

It's not necessarily the first city to come to mind for a city trip, and yet! – The beautiful city of Zurich has many advantages that will enchant you. It is one of the main economic centers of the country and is ideally located, surrounded by a beautiful lake and beautiful mountains. Are you looking for the best place to stay in Zurich?

If you prefer to stay in the heart of the city near the main attractions, go to the old town. Are you more likely to be a party-goer or a fan of art, fashion and design, choose Zurich West, the trendiest part of the city. Do you need some peace and quiet? Select the Seefeld.

Often classified as one of the most expensive cities in the world, Zurich is, unsurprisingly, home to many overpriced hotels. However, if you are interested in other alternatives such as Hostels decide, you can easily find affordable accommodation in this charming city.


If you are looking for a lively and central location, the Niederdorf in Zurich's Old Town is the ideal choice to stay in Zurich. With its medieval alleys, colourful houses and luxury boutiques, it is a great place to stroll. Here you can discover the most important sights of the city, including the Grossmünster. If you plan to stay in the Niederdorf, plan accordingly. Its ideal location makes it one of the most expensive places to stay in Zurich. If you want to stay in the old town with a small budget, you should consider other alternatives, such as a stay in a BnB, which you can e.g. search via AirBnB.com.


Also located in the old town, Quartier Lindenhof is the perfect place for people who want to stay in a quiet and tranquil area of Zurich. From the Lindenhof you can also enjoy an incredible view of the most important historical jewels of the centre: the Grossmünster, the town hall or the Limmat. If you sleep in Zurich in the Lindenhof district, you can stay in a quiet and peaceful environment while being right in the centre. Again, prices are clearly not cheap because of the very central location in this area.

Zurich West

Head west of Zurich and stay in the trendiest and most fashionable part of the city. Formerly dedicated to industry, this district has been taken over by art, culture, design and architecture in recent years. You can also visit the market in the Viaduct, a huge covered market with a mix of delicatessens, trendy cafes, nightclubs, fashion boutiques and art galleries. Staying in Zurich, more in the western part than in the centre, will of course be cheaper, but as a Swiss city, the prices for overnight stays are still very high. So choose alternatives to hotels to stay in this area.


Do you want to leave the city centre but stay in the city of Zurich? Drive towards Seefeld, a very nice district on the lake. If you live in this part of Zurich, you can enjoy nature while staying close to the main attractions. From here you can also discover the incredible China Garden Zurich, a garden that the Chinese city of Kunming has donated to the city of Zurich. With the tram No. 4 you are also very quickly back in the center or at the main station and without changing trains. In approx. you can also take tram No. 2 at the world-famous Paradeplatz. You can also use an S-Bahn service at Zurich Tiefenbrunnen station and are even faster at Stadelhofen station or the main train station.

I hope that with "Where to stay in Zurich" I was able to give you a short, quick overview. For more information, see the other blog entries here on ZurichInsider.com.

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